Strategy Framework for NinjaTrader

Source Code & Code Review Provided

NC Bollinger Break Out

Strategy Main Features
  • Split and Breakeven Possibilities
  • Strong and Extendable filter block
  • Channel offset by standard deviation or ATR
  • Trade Long/Short or Both Directions
  • Channel Input Selector RSI, Close Prices
  • Source Code Video Review
  • Channel base built from EMA, HMA, TMA, SMA, VWMA, TEMA, WMA, VWAP
  • Flexible ATR based Stop Loss and Take Profit Values
Strategy Description

Simplicity is the way to go quite often and this system is not an exception to this amazing coincidence. This system is built to look for trend moves and stay safe and sideways during periods of less dynamic market activity. System offers a few approaches to how the channel or the tube is built either using a variety of moving averages such as EMA, HMA, TMA, SMA, VWMA, TEMA, WMA and offsetting the channel sides by the use of a standard deviation or an ATR. The entry occurs at channel break out allowing users to set two profit targets and a stop using multiples of current ATR values. Once your first profit target is reached the strategy automatically moves the stop loss to break even. The position size for each split is a variable and it is up the user to manage this risk. The strategy also allows to either close or reverse the existing position at the occurrence of an opposite signal. This fact is also allowed to be ignored. Another exiting feature that is present is the middle channel exit. Finally the strategy is supplied with an extendable filter block. Out of the box users are presented with an MACD and RSI filters. It is possible to extend this block with infinite number of variations should you wish to acquire the source code license or become a member to NinjaCoding development services. Overall the strategy can be optimized providing numerous parameter combinations. Feel free to explore the provided validations and settings for more information.

NC Trend Control

Strategy Main Features
  • Two amazing trails
  • Dynamically adjusted ema trail
  • Smart trail using stochastic conditions
  • 2 choppy market filters ADX and Volatility Switch
  • Complete source code and video review
  • Videos and instructions on how to use
  • 4 entry types
Strategy Description

I think every trader in this world is looking for the best choppiness or sideways market movement filter out there. Truth is there is probably million possible ways to approach this problem. In this strategy you will have an opportunity to explore the ADX and Volatility Switch filter applied on a trend following system. The system has four entry types, two filter and two trail type exits where one can use an ATR and the other one can use a dynamically adjusted EMA. Also, the strategy comes with a really cool bonus called a smart trail where trail only occurs if the stochastic conditions qualify. You can find more video information about how to use the system and what it consists of after the purchase in your private member area.

NC NinzaRenko BreakOut Bot

Strategy Main Features
  • Automatic BreakEven Controller
  • Smart Bollinger Band Indicator Included
  • Avoid Choppy Market
  • Exit when Choppy Market Returns
  • Enter When Choppy Market Ends and Trend Starts
  • Fly High in Discrete Mode when You Need To
Strategy Description

The core of this bot is built on an attempt to catch market runs. It uses a choice of 8 MA types to build the middle channel. An ATR or standard deviation is then used to build 2 bands around the middle channel. If the bar touches any of the bands it is considered to be in the choppy zone. Once the bar closes outside the band, it is considered an entry signal if the previous bar was a choppy one. Other options include conditional exit if the choppy bar comes up again, break even and complete manual control. Users are also to toggle the bot on off and long short in NinjaTrader chart trader UI zone.

NC Smart Levels

Strategy Main Features
  • Proper Level Management Approach
  • ADX Suit Indicator Included
  • Flexible Concept to Build More Strategies
  • Automatic Hot Level Identification Based on ADX Signals
Strategy Description

The time has come to approach the most subjective and discrete matter in trading - level building. For some reason we all see our own levels and it has always been a quest to try and identify them using an automated algorithm. There can be numerous ways to approach this issue including zig zags, pivot levels, graphical analysis and so on. In this strategy the most valuable part of the concept and the code is actually the level identification and management algorithm which uses part of the directional movement indicator ADX to search and establish stable levels. The template provided can be easily adjusted to use any other concept of level signal. Although the system provided does show promising results on a variety of symbols there can be numerous other concepts that can be easily derived from the code and concept template that comes with the strategy. It is virtually impossible to cover them all but the user can adopt the mechanisms and alter the code base themselves or use our services to extend the codebase if required.

NC Initial Balance

Strategy Main Features
  • Set the Range Period
  • Set the Trade Period
  • Set your Stops to the other side of Bracket
  • Set the Coefficients for your Profit Target
  • Explore the Filter sections to Control your Orders
Strategy Description

The time has come to release a classic system. Opening range or initial balance systems have been out for ages. You can trade them in a thousand different ways. Personally, I have discovered that once you have found the time span for the range setting the best is to keep the position open until the end of you trading period. Nevertheless the trade system for NinjaTrader 8 framework has many other options that you can explore. The strategy comes with a video review of the source code so you can easily extend the code yourself or save on some developing time. The code includes stops, profits and filters that allow you to check various values before placing bracket orders. It also allows demonstrates how to effectively take orders down if the filter has gone in an unwanted direction at some point. Overall this break out system seems to show promising results and with more time spent on research can be a good opportunity in good hands. Please explore.

NC Smart Scalper

Strategy Main Features
  • Full Source Code
  • NinzaRenko Scalping Algorithm
  • Semi Automated with UI
  • Enter on Bar BreakOuts and Take Small Profit Increments
Strategy Description

The scalping theme has always been quite exciting especially with those huge NinzaRenko bars that seem to have some interesting edge. The current strategy is a semi automated trader that allows the user to select direction and scalping start. As soon as we get a tick above a current bar direction and the bar closes we place a limit order and wait for the market quick retracement. Once we are filled a profit target is placed at the bar close level. The framework is provided with code review and there are numerous ways you can extend it. For example you can create a multiplier that will profit 2 bars instead of 1 or maybe reverse on stop etc. etc. etc. The whole concept and idea about providing frameworks is to give users a chance to adjust the code in their own fashion, learn from the code review videos or just use it as is. The framework does provide some exciting edge when turned on in the correct moment! Please use at yuor own risk! Have some good trades!

NC Stochastic Cycles

Strategy Main Features
  • Strategy Code and Logic Review Video Included
  • John Ehlers 8 Indicator Package Included
  • Powerfull Entry and Exit Conditions Revealed
  • All Indicator & Strategy Source Code Included
Strategy Description

Introducing our revolutionary trading strategy, designed to unlock the hidden potential of market cycles - the ultimate game-changer for traders! Developed using cutting-edge John Ehlers indicators, Mesa Stochastic and Super Smoother, this powerful tool is finely tuned to perfection and meticulously coded for NinjaTrader 8. With our strategy, identifying optimal entry and exit points becomes effortless, giving you the edge to conquer the unpredictable market. Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your trading and embark on a journey to consistent success!

NC Ball Drop

Strategy Main Features
  • Trade Solid Potential Retracements
  • Interesting Concept and Fascinating Code Base
  • Fibonacci and Pivot Base
  • Source Code and Code Review Provided
Strategy Description

Hello guys! So, finally the time has come to trade some ball drop systems. What I mean by that is this system is designed to enter in a potentially better price zone after a certain price drop. So in other words we are looking for a retracement but when do we do that? The trick in this system is to find it after we have a number of pivots formed in the dierection of the trend and we start experiencing pivots on he other side trying to pull us back. What I am trying to say is we can set this system to wait for 3 (user set) new higher highs followed by a lower low!!! This set up forms a liquidity pool formed at the higher high that can allow us to persume that price will come back to retrace close to that certain level and we can enter with a good value. Once we are in we know exactly where to place our stops and profits. Everyhting is based on the range formed between the last higher high and the last lower low. Fibonacci levels are then used for user set retracement, profit and target levels. This system provides a whole new wide range set of ideas that further experiments can be based on as well asa really cool code base to play around with! Enjoy!

NC Stream Master

Strategy Main Features
  • Order Snaps to next Pivot Point
  • Bounce & Break Out Modes
  • 1000 lines of code review
  • Extensive UI
  • Source Code and Code Review
Strategy Description

This is a trading helper! It has quite a few button that can help one place entry orders at important market point that poetntially might have some edge. I am speaking of places where renko or ninzarenko or unirenko or any type of renko bars have made a reversal. Usually one would search for such spots manually and place either a stop or limit order there in order to either trade a break out or wait for a bounce. This market helper makes it much easier to quickly place such orders. It will allow you to select long or short or both and also alter the mode from break or bounce to switch the order types. It will also help you trail such orders to the most recent reversal if you want to by automating this part of work. The strategy is also supplied with a simple tick stop and profit target that can be easily adjusted. The other main take away is as usual a fully open source code and 1000 lines of fun code review. Enjoy!

NCP Daily Fib Trader

Strategy Main Features
  • Used to Pass Apex Evaluation Accounts
  • Trade Fibonacci Retracements From the Previous Trading Session With Trend
  • Fully Adjustable Entries and Exits
  • Adjustable Scale in Method
  • Multiple Filters to Find the Best Results and to meet your trading needs
  • Videos and instructions Included on how to use
Strategy Description

Welcome Traders! The Daily Fib Trader is here! Designed to work on passing your APEX evaluation accounts! Every trader I know has used Fibonacci Retracements at some point in their trading career and many continue to do so with a successful strategy. Fibonacci levels are popular among traders to draw support and resistance levels. The levels are like MAGNETS! The Daily Fib Trader capitalizes on these magnets and trades those levels with entries and targets completely adjustable by you! With the customizable filters within the strategy, you are able to find the best results that meet your trading needs to help you consistently grow your account! Let the Daily Fib Trader work for you and enjoy!

NC Stocks N Levels

Strategy Main Features
  • Research and Pre-Learning Algorithm Explained
  • Entry Based on Market Open
  • Applicable for Stocks and More
  • Over 1000 lines of code
Strategy Description

Hello guys! With this source code concept my aim was to figure out whether it would be possible to make NinjaTrader study the data first and only then trade it and forunately it is possible! In this strategy/framework/course I showcase how to run a research on a list of symbols based on stock market open and close values. We will have a look at some numbers and make NinjaTrader look at them too prior executing the trading algorithm. This means that anytime you actually enable the strategy it can already be pre-trained!!!

NC Retro Resistance

Strategy Main Features
  • Trade off Yesterdays Trading Range Levels
  • Prooved to me effective on over than 65% of NASDAQ stocks
  • Can be used on any market
  • Extendable, source code provided
Strategy Description

Very simple yet very effective strategy that trades off the resistance formed using yeterdays open and close values. Obviously that is not the end of logic and there are a few tweaks that are present and also that can be added. The strategy uses a robust reverse function as well if need and has space for additional filters to experiment with.

NC Grid Hedger

Strategy Main Features
  • Over 1500 lines of faschinating code to learn from
  • Multi symbols and multi orders
  • Super complex order management
  • Grid build techniques
  • Fascinating trading idea!
Strategy Description

Sometimes the code and idea is better than the results! YEs that happens and this case is one of those cases, the code is great, the technical side of this bot is absolutely fascinating in my opinion but the results could be better. I have to be quite honest in my reviews as this is not a black box project, this is a framework try, test, learn project. I think with some tweaking of this framework and correct use on some cases it can proove to be quite interesting. On the other hand the code is a must see because its shows and uses pretty much all that is possible to be shown and used in NinjaTrader starting from UI interaction and ending with multi orders and mutli symbols.

NC Range Fill

Strategy Main Features
  • Create High Probability Set Ups within a Formed Price Range
  • Interesting and Robust Source Code Provided and Explored on a Video Code Review
  • Variety of Features Available for Sophisticated Strategy Optimization Runs
Strategy Description

The strategy is designed to trade within a range formed during a set period of time. Once the range is created we start waiting for certain conditions to be met such as mesa direction, super smoother direction etc. Once they align, being that we are far enough from the target ie. by set amount of range percent set, we can enter and set our risks and potential profit levels at range levels. Overall the strategy seems to be stable and can be used to find interesting parameters on quite a few symbols. The variety of features added makes it possible to combine them and perform sophisticated optimization researches.