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NinzaRenko BreakOut & Trend Follower Bot

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Easy to Use Half Manual Trade Controller

Impressive UI and Functionality

NinzaRenko Bot Showcase

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Strategy Main Features

  • Smart Bollinger Band Indicator Included

  • Avoid Choppy Market

  • Exit when Choppy Market Returns

  • Enter When Choppy Market Ends and Trend Starts

  • Automatic BreakEven Controller

  • Fly High in Discrete Mode when You Need To

Strategy Description

The core of this bot is built on an attempt to catch market runs. It uses a choice of 8 MA types to build the middle channel. An ATR or standard deviation is then used to build 2 bands around the middle channel. If the bar touches any of the bands it is considered to be in the choppy zone. Once the bar closes outside the band, it is considered an entry signal if the previous bar was a choppy one. Other options include conditional exit if the choppy bar comes up again, break even and complete manual control. Users are also to toggle the bot on off and long short in NinjaTrader chart trader UI zone.


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
395 USD

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