Coding & Trading Courses for NinjaTrader

Over 100 hours of content

Algorithmic Trading with NinjaTrader

Create and Trade your own Automated Strategies

Course duration: 15 hours
Course lectures: 122 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will learn how to code your own ideas and turn them into real trading strategies.

  You will discover some very usefull NinjaTrader code insights that took me sleepless nights to realize.

  You will get accustomed to a generic framework that can be used to design any trade system/indicator in NinjaTrader.

  You will learn how to code indicators, buttons, telegram alerts and other interesting extra .NET features for NInjaTrader.

Course Description

In this course, I share my professional experience with NinjaTrader. The course is mostly designed to show some of the undercover possibilities and opportunities that this amazing piece of software brings. Since my trading experience carries on every day, this course is a live organism and I always add new features I discover that are exciting as well as have been painfull to understand and become aware of. The course is strictly based upon personal experience. Inside I show how to hack NinjaTrader inside out using the power of .NET to bring in Winforms, powerful research tools, extra design features and make your own software on top of NinjaTrader. Some of the covered topics include features like designing simple and complex strategies with NinjaTrader, implementing custom buttons to toolbar, chart trader and anywhere you like, creating custom forms, trading NinjaTrader in half automated fashion using Chart Trader., creating custom indicators, interfering with the chart zone, creating custom optimization fitness parameters, designing your own indicators, analyzers, addons, creating components to reuse code, working wit multiple timeframes and symbols at the same time, creating custom bar types. Stay tuned to this course and you will always be updated on real-life scenarios from the live trading world.

Market Analyzer

Learn how to create effective trading strategies for any market.

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 15 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will discover how to build trading systems for any market with NinjaTrader

  You will understand how financial market movements can be classified

  You will be able to understand what particular stage is the market in currently

  You will get access to over 100+ trading systems for NinjaTrader

Course Description

Hello! My name is Yuri and I have built over 1000+ trading systems for NinjaTrader, WealthLab and other algorithmic trading stock, futures and FOREX trading software. In this course I will share one of my approaches on how to build systems for any market. We will look into techniques I use when you are looking at a new symbol that you would like to base your trading on. We will build a special analyzer that will let you understand what trading technique is currently most appropriate to use for a particular symbol you apply it on. Prior that, we will also classify and the market movements into several different trading approaches that can be used in order to describe these momentums. By the end of this course you will find yourself, understanding much more about the market, you will have a tool which will help you test any market for specific trends, you will have a tool that is based on 96 trading systems that you can modify, you will feel like you can trade anything. Join in and feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions! P.S. Course is based on NinjaTrader 8

ATM Strategies

Pump Up your Skills with deep learning on how to create powerfull ATMs in NinjaTrader

Course duration: 2 hours
Course lectures: 12 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will understand how to subscribe to events in NinjaTrader like click, mouse move or button press!

  You will understand how to code UI elements

  You will learn everything about creating ATM strategies in NinjaTrader 8.

  You will learn how to initialize an ATM strategy from strategy code.

  You will learn how to substitute Orders inside ATM strategies with values calculated in code.

  You will learn how to build Stop Strategies without coding.

  You will learn how to set AutoBreakEven without coding.

  You will learn about all functions that ATM strategies have in the ChartTrader.

  You will learn how to set Auto Trail without coding

Course Description

NinjaTrader is truly an amazing platform! When I started exploring ATM strategies they looked very mysterious to me because because no other platform has anything like this. The ATM strategy allows you to, build half automated set ups really quickly, increase your trading systematization and stick to the rules, automate set ups without the need to code, combine strategy code for calculations and triggering entries. In this course I explore ATMs in two parts. The first part is fully dedicated to initializaing ATM from strategy code. The bonus here is that in this section I also show how to use the UI in NinjaTrader, create your own buttons and subscribe to keyboard or mouse click events. We create an interesting system together where an entry is triggred by crossing over a drawing object, in our case a line. Once an entry is triggered an ATM is fired up and you are free to take over the position management with your manual techniques. In the second part of the course we explore the ATM functionallity which is quite widely presented by NinjaTrader. We look into AutoTrail and AutoBreakEven set ups, explore Stop Strategies and Simulated Orders, check out what Chase is and go through all the settings the ATM has. After this course, even if you skip the coding part you should be able to build your own ATM strategies quite quickly. If you also explore the coding part you will understand how to start your ATM from your strategy code and control its stop and profit orders. I was personally very positevely surprised with the functionallity that ATM brings and I really hope you will find this course usefull in your won trading. Good luck, thank you for reading and feel free to enroll and ask any questions!

Creating Addons for NinjaTrader 8

Learn how to Create Add-Ons for NinjaTrader, Perform Researches and Build Charts using 3-rd Party Free Components

Course duration: 2 hours
Course lectures: 10 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will get to know how to connect data from your strategies into add-ons and calculate statistics

  You will learn how to develop add-ons for NinjaTrader 8

  You will find out how to use beautifull charts in your add-ons

  You will find out how to create custom windows and tabs inside NinjaTrader

Course Description

Hello and welcome to the course! Analysis is a big part of the trading game. We want to analyse trades, data, decisions, anything really... NinjaTrader provides a very powerfull opportunity for us where we can develop Add-Ons, pass any information to our Add-On and analyse it. In this course I invented a scenario where we analyze data from our strategy inside the Add-On and build some beautifull charts that demonstrate some statistics on how the data behaves. This can be found quite usefull before building strategies. After you pass this course you will be able to understand how to work with data that you can gather inside your strategy and pass it into the add on for analysis. That can be absolutely anything. The course shows how to create windows, tabs and work with NinjaTrader on the next level from just using it for creating strategies or indicators. The course truly uncovers NinjaTrader as a very powerfull tool for deep market research. Hope to see you all on the course and feel free ask any questions. Good luck!

Strategy Design Essentials

Crash Course on how to Get Up and Running with Strategy Development for NinjaTrader 8

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 14 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will understand how to most effectively structure the code base for designing strategies for NinjaTrader.

  You will learn how to code strategies for NinjaTrader 8.

  You will get a framework that you can re-use numerously for making your own strategies.

  You will get a lot of examples and some interesting bonuses on working with NinjaTrader strategies.

Course Description

This course is a quintessence of the other 120 lecture course on NinjaTrader and is completely dedicated to strategy development. It is a quick way to get up and running with the code and demonstrates the most essential techniques I use to develop strategies demonstrating common scenarios. In the course we buid everything together in a modular approach and I provide all the code that is used in the resources. The course is very hands and provides a very usefull framework that you can use in the future to build your own strategies for NinjaTrader.

Trade System Validation

Practical Approach to Estimating Potential Profits of Automated Trading Strategies

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 12 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will get a trade system for NinjaTrader that we analyze throughout the course.

  After this course you will understand what methods and techniques you can use to estimate trade system performance.

  You will find out about optimization, montecarlo and walk forward analysis.

  You will get authors practical ideas and tips that have been tested in real life for years.

  You will understand very quickly and visually how to judge whether a trade system can potentially make profit.

  You will get access to unique software.

Course Description

Welcome to my course on trade system validation! I have been planning it for years and finally I put all my ideas and experience together to share with you the most essential parts of them that can be widely used in your own trading and investing. Everything that you will hear about in this course I personally use myself for trade system validation. In this course I will be using NinjaTrader but the information I provide is applicable to use with any trading platforms and is not dependent upon the platform. The course explores my approach on how to estimate what to expect from a trade system that you are about to put into the live market. We look into optimization techniques and methods, montecarlo analysis, walf forward tests and much more in great and practical way. The course focuses on a practical view of things and does not require any knowledge of high mathematics, computer science or programming. The course is designed to better understand the underlying risks of a trade system and its potential gains. I really hope you find this course usefull in your own trading. Feel free to explore the syllabus and use the forum for questions. Thank you and good luck!

Indicator Design Essentials

Get Some Real Life Practical Examples of Proper Indicator Design for NinjaTrader 8

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 16 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will realize numerous little tricks that will save you many hours of going through various forums.

  You will learn how to set up a template to use with 99% of your future indicators that you are planning to code.

  You will find out how to code multi-timeframe indicators.

  You will discover how to correctly initialize the indicators from the strategy code.

  You will get information about special features such as NinjaTrader indicator TypeConverters that will enhance your user experience.

  You will get code and review for 3 really interesting real-world application that you can apply in your everyday trading.

Course Description

Hello guys! I am very happy to announce that I have finally released the long-awaited indicator design course which is in fact a very good compilation of all of my experience on indicator creation in NinjaTrader 8. You will find quite a lot of information inside the course on how to create indicators, many tricks and loads of tips that believe me will save you a lifetime. I wish I had them when I started!!! Many sleepless nights) led to the shared experience in this course! Overall the course covers most of what you will need and come across whilst making indicators for NinjaTrader. Multitimframe, complex issues, settings, parameters, enhancements and so many little things that can sometimes take hours and hours to realize that you will surely find this course valuable. Additionally, I have provided the course with 3 indicator showcases and a pretty interesting trading concept that you can try and use in your trading life. The course will take you through an EMA real angle indicator, DX+ DX- and a sophisticated daily and intraday range indicator that can give you a bit of an extra edge on the market.

Trade System Architecture

Trails, Stops, Breakevens, Entries, Reverses, Exits, Splits and More!

Course duration: 4 hours
Course lectures: 0 lectures

What you'll learn

  You learn how to code position splits and attach to split events.

  I will show you some undercover errors in NinjaTrader that I spent sleepless nights realizing how to solve.

  You will learn how to reverse positions, close positions, combine entry signals and apply global optional filters!

  You will learn all about unmanaged orders in NinjaTrader

  You will find out how to code trails, breakevens, stop losses.

Course Description

Hello guys! I am very glad because I have finally made this course for you to watch! What you will find inside has been collected by myself throughout approximately 5 years of personal coding experience and trade system architecture design. I realized that overall, 90% of the strategies all require very similar setups. I have also realized that we want to try endless variations of entry signals and entry filters that we want to combine with a more or less static and optional sets of exit rules. Finally, I have realized that sometimes we only want to spend 15 minutes to add an extra signal or an extra trail stop and have all this wonderful infrastructure already in place for us to test our new idea quickly and effectively. The above said made me search for the most flexible code structure that can be implemented once and easily extended afterwards. What you get in this course is a huge problem solver and is potentially a great opportunity for anyone who can make use of it. I truly believe and hope that by sharing this I can make a change in someones professional experience and life. Thank you, yours sincerely Yuri Zolotarev

Building Hybrid Trend/Flat Strategies

Uncover Secret Techniques of Trend/Flat Filtering

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 0 lectures

What you'll learn

  You will get the most updated strategy code templates

  You will learn how to how to filter market "choppiness"

  You will understand how to use unmanaged order handling in NinjaTrader

  You will understand new approaches to system design

  You will get interesting code solutions for indicators and strategies that you can re-use in any of your private projects

  You will learn how to find more reliable trend start signals

Course Description

Hello guys!) How many of us have experienced the pain of market "choppiness"? I bet for quite a few traders market sideways movement during trend trading impacted negatively on their deposits. I am not trying to say that I have found the magic pill however in this course I would like to address this important issue and show you possible approaches on how to handle it. This course consists of content on an interesting indicator called Volatility Switch which I will be comparing to ADX in respect to trend/flat filtering and also the course offers two trading systems where the first one uses the the concept as a filter to avoid entries and/or exists and the second one suggests a innovative design as a whole where we would enter and exit based on the current market conditions using two groups of signals. Overall this course should provide you with some quality food of thought and take your trading and strategy design to a new level. Not least to mention, time has passed since the last course and a do offer some unique updates on the common code base inside the course and as a nice bonus a few interesting trail stop concepts. Take care, trade safe and join us now! Thank you!

Synthetic Arbitrage - Pairs Trading

Learn How to Build Arbitrage Strategies

Course duration: 1 hours
Course lectures: 0 lectures

What you'll learn

  How to Build Paris Trading Strategies for NinjaTrader 8

  How to Build a Delta Meter Indicator

  How to Build and Manage Multi Symbol Strategies

  You will get the code for the strategy and indicators

  How to Build a Correlation Indicator

Course Description

Hello guys!! In this course I am happy to present a very interesting trading technique called synthetic arbitrage or pairs trading! This is when we find two correlated symbols and go short on one and long on the other at the moment when they loose their correlation. Inside the course you can find out more about how they are build in terms of logic explained as well as code reviewed.

How to Code a Volume/Market Profile and TPO

Learn how to design your own fully functional Market/Volume & TPO Profile

Course duration: 3 hours
Course lectures: 0 lectures

What you'll learn

  How to make your own Volume Profile

  How to calculate Value Area

  You will understand the mechanisms behind working with data for the volume profile

  How to import and analyze data on the backend

  How to plot letters for the TPO Market Profile

  How to calculate POC

Course Description

Hello guys!!! Finally I have put myself together and made a very descriptive review and instructions on how to make your own volume profile for NinjaTrader 8. In this course I look into in great detail into plotting and calculating mechanisms of building a real life volume profile! It is fully functional and I must say it is quite of a tool for trading! Enjoy the course!

Developing Strategies for OnTick Execution

How to Develop Strategies for OnEachTick Execution in NinjaTrader 8

Course duration: 2 hours
Course lectures: 4 lectures

What you'll learn

  What is tick replay

  How to effectively back test your strategies with intra bar logic

  The difference between historical and live, sim and replay execution

  How to handle overfiils

  2 ways to enable and work with higher order fill resolution

Course Description

Hello guys!!! Tick replay, on tick execution, tick granularity strategies is a tricky business and not only in NinjaTrader. Everything becomes doomed once this zone is visited!). I have experienced turbulence numerously when developing for tick replay. It is just different and very risky! In this course I will share all my experience and all my tricks that I have worked out whilst working with ticks in Ninja. Main topics include: execution for tick replay on historical data, huge issue with handling overfills (not only on tick but also on fast exotic bars), working with higher order fill resolution! Enjoy!

Course duration: 1 hours
Course lectures: 4 lectures

What you'll learn

  How to Manage Orders Like a Professional

  How to Create your Own Positions List Inside the Strategy

  How to find Orders Inside your Position List that Get Executed

  How to Manage Specific Orders for Individual Positions

  The Different Execution on Historical and Live for Entry Orders

Course Description

Finally I was able to release a generic framework that can be used to control any number of orders that exist inside your strategy. This course will show you how to scale in with your strategy and individually control each order that exists for each individual position. For example if we enter with 1 position and place 3 profit targets and 1 stop, then we enter again with 2 positions and again with 3 we are creating 3 lots with different number of positions existing for each lot. In this course we will learn how we can have full control inside the code and understand which particular order has been filled now and what are we going to do about it. Scaling in and out is always a big challenge and this course uncovers the framework that will allow you understand how to manage this procedure professionally.

Course duration: 1 hours
Course lectures: 6 lectures

What you'll learn

  How to Exapand your Idea Further

  How to Make NinjaTrader Talk to Server

  How to Make Server Talk Back to NinjaTrader

  How to Set Up ML.NET to Predict your Future Price Movement

Course Description

Our world keeps on moving and we can't stand behind. AI is growing fast, machine learning is almost ahead of us already. Today I present the first course that will save you some time setting up ML.NET framework for NinjaTrader 8. In this course I will take you through an exciting journey of server side computing. We will create an indicator that will send data to a server application that will calculate the required data series for us and return it to NinjaTrader for plotting. How exciting is that???!!! It did take some blood, sweat and tears to make it all work and you have an amazing chance to have it all uncovered in just a click away. Please enjoy!

Course duration: 1 hours
Course lectures: 2 lectures

What you'll learn

  How to build your own trade list

  How to plot indicator from strategy on dedicated panel

  How to control your strategy trading using your equity

  How to put strategy trading into virtual and live modes

Course Description

This course offers a deep dive into the essentials of creating your own trade list. We are going to build a strategy that trades based on its equity performance. In order to achieve this we will have to create a virtual trading mode where the strategy trades but does not place real trades into Ninja trader, we actually fill these trades ourselves. I will show how to control your trades with your own virtual trade performance engine. So in other words, you can tell the strategy whether to trade or not based on the equity you have without the need to address the glitchy NinjaTrader SystemPerformance class. This is a very powerful virtual trades engine that you can use in the future for all sorts of things.