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Scalping Bot for NinjaTrader 8 NinzaRenko Bars

Scalp the Trend Automatically

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Strategy Main Features

  • Full Source Code

  • NinzaRenko Scalping Algorithm

  • Semi Automated with UI

  • Enter on Bar BreakOuts and Take Small Profit Increments

Strategy Description

The scalping theme has always been quite exciting especially with those huge NinzaRenko bars that seem to have some interesting edge. The current strategy is a semi automated trader that allows the user to select direction and scalping start. As soon as we get a tick above a current bar direction and the bar closes we place a limit order and wait for the market quick retracement. Once we are filled a profit target is placed at the bar close level. The framework is provided with code review and there are numerous ways you can extend it. For example you can create a multiplier that will profit 2 bars instead of 1 or maybe reverse on stop etc. etc. etc. The whole concept and idea about providing frameworks is to give users a chance to adjust the code in their own fashion, learn from the code review videos or just use it as is. The framework does provide some exciting edge when turned on in the correct moment! Please use at yuor own risk! Have some good trades!


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
395 USD

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