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NC Stream Master Strategy for NinjaTrader

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Strategy Main Features

  • Order Snaps to next Pivot Point

  • Bounce & Break Out Modes

  • 1000 lines of code review

  • Extensive UI

  • Source Code and Code Review

Strategy Description

This is a trading helper! It has quite a few button that can help one place entry orders at important market point that poetntially might have some edge. I am speaking of places where renko or ninzarenko or unirenko or any type of renko bars have made a reversal. Usually one would search for such spots manually and place either a stop or limit order there in order to either trade a break out or wait for a bounce. This market helper makes it much easier to quickly place such orders. It will allow you to select long or short or both and also alter the mode from break or bounce to switch the order types. It will also help you trail such orders to the most recent reversal if you want to by automating this part of work. The strategy is also supplied with a simple tick stop and profit target that can be easily adjusted. The other main take away is as usual a fully open source code and 1000 lines of fun code review. Enjoy!


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
345 USD

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