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NC Renko Reversals Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

Easy and Convenient Indicator to Identify Reversal Points

Signal API Available for Strategy Connection

Source Code and Code Review Presented

NC Renko Reversals Video Review

See Video Below for More Info on Indicator

Indicator Main Features

  • Build Swing Levels Depending on Swing Size

  • Source Code and Code Review Provided

  • Bloodhound and Strategy Compatible

  • API Signals Available

Indicator Description

Swing High/Low Detection: The indicator identifies swing highs or lows exclusively on NinzaRenko reversal bars. This detection occurs only if the sequence of bars preceding the reversal bar meets or exceeds a specified count, set by the user in the parameters. Arrow Indication: When the previously identified swing high or low level is breached by the price action, the indicator will display an arrow to visually signal this event. API Signal Publication: Upon the penetration of a swing line, the indicator sends out a signal via an API. This allows the signal to be integrated with external systems, such as trading strategies or signal generators like Bloodhound. This functionality is crucial for automating trading strategies based on the indicator's signals.


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
99 USD

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