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NC RenkoBars for NinjaTrader 8

Fully Back Testable Noise Eliminating Bar Types

Full Review and Source Code Provided

Great Example on How to Code Bar Types

NC Renko Bars for NinjaTrader 8

Please See Video Below for Details

Bar Type Main Features

  • Almost an hour of code review video

  • Fully back testable

  • No fake values

  • Algorithm logic explained in detail

Bar Type Description

Main take away from this product which is a BarType for NinjaTrader is the code review. If you watch this code review you will be able to understand how to build bars for NinjaTrader. Overall these bars are vey similar to NinzaRenko bars however these are fully back testable and do not have any fake values for visual purposes. They are tick based bars that form a new bar after the market has moved the step size in the same direction and/or reverse the bar if the market has moved a user set tick size in the opposite direction.


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
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