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NC Grid Hedger Bot Framework

Fast Way to Learn Complex Bot Coding for NinjaTrader 8

Over 1500 Lines of Complex Code Exlpained

Multi Order Multi Position Multi Symbol Examples

Code and Logic Review Video

Explore the Video for More Info on the Bot

Strategy Main Features

  • Over 1500 lines of faschinating code to learn from

  • Multi symbols and multi orders

  • Super complex order management

  • Grid build techniques

  • Fascinating trading idea!

Strategy Description

Sometimes the code and idea is better than the results! YEs that happens and this case is one of those cases, the code is great, the technical side of this bot is absolutely fascinating in my opinion but the results could be better. I have to be quite honest in my reviews as this is not a black box project, this is a framework try, test, learn project. I think with some tweaking of this framework and correct use on some cases it can proove to be quite interesting. On the other hand the code is a must see because its shows and uses pretty much all that is possible to be shown and used in NinjaTrader starting from UI interaction and ending with multi orders and mutli symbols.


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