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NC Initial Balance Opening Range Strategy for NinjaTrader 8

Trade any Range Period you Set

Break Out Bot that Gives you a Chance to Grab Some Daily Moves

Extendable Framework with Source Code Review Available

NC Range Bot Algo Logic Video

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Strategy Main Features

  • Set the Range Period

  • Set the Trade Period

  • Set your Stops to the other side of Bracket

  • Set the Coefficients for your Profit Target

  • Explore the Filter sections to Control your Orders

Strategy Description

The time has come to release a classic system. Opening range or initial balance systems have been out for ages. You can trade them in a thousand different ways. Personally, I have discovered that once you have found the time span for the range setting the best is to keep the position open until the end of you trading period. Nevertheless the trade system for NinjaTrader 8 framework has many other options that you can explore. The strategy comes with a video review of the source code so you can easily extend the code yourself or save on some developing time. The code includes stops, profits and filters that allow you to check various values before placing bracket orders. It also allows demonstrates how to effectively take orders down if the filter has gone in an unwanted direction at some point. Overall this break out system seems to show promising results and with more time spent on research can be a good opportunity in good hands. Please explore.


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
395 USD

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