Indicator Framework for NinjaTrader

Source Code & Code Review Provided

NC Pivot Detector

Indicator Main Features
  • Price or Indicator Pivot Detection Mode
  • Ability to Detect Hundreds of Various Patterns of Pivots
  • Full Source Code Video Review
  • Pivot Counter Display
  • Generic Pivot Detector Algorithm
Indicator Description

Hello guys!!! Pivot Analyzer indicator for NinjaTrader 8 looks for pivots on price series or any other series that you make available for it as an input. It will work with any indicator plot as well as any series that you assign as an input. Main take away from this indicator framework is the code for detection the pivots. It has always been a challenge because in many indicators the pivots are detected using a hard coded pattern. In the current case the pivots are detected using the hill size and hill drop algorithm I created. You can see more details about it in the below. This algorithm allows to detect many more interesting pivot points and regulate sensitivity of how they are found. It works very well on price as well as allows accurate pivot detection on line indicators. Please see video for more information.

NC Swing/Zig-Zag

Indicator Main Features
  • Leg Size and Volume Calculations
  • Point Distance Calculations between Pivots
  • Dynamic Zag Trend Number
  • Dynamic ATR Deviation Value
  • Full Source Code and Videos
Indicator Description

Hello guys! We all know of a Zig Zag/Swing indicator! However, most of them are static. Feel free to explore my personal edition which allows you to set the deviation value using an ATR indicator. This is a very effective tool since this makes the Zig Zag/Swing adaptable to the market conditions! I will give you an example! So you can use the Zag value to trade breakouts or find interesting levels to place your stops and profits at. Now, if the Zig Zag is static then how is it going to be valid when the market calms down or speeds up? Exactly, when the market is fast and volatile the ATR of a dynamic Zig Zag indicator for NinjaTrader 8 will give you the change to see the adjusted levels and same when the market calms down because the deviation value of the Zig Zag will be using the current ATR! The indicator also allows you to see data for swing leg size, volume and peak delta which can have some tremendous edge in trading! Get this now and proceed to full source code review of 1500 lines of pure NinjaScript! Enjoy!)

NC MA Angle

Indicator Main Features
  • Learn How to Calculate the Angle Based on the Visual Plot
  • Build your entries based on MA angle
  • Find Out how to Calculate the Values based on the Values of the Plot
  • Learn How the Angle Is Calculated
Indicator Description

Hello guys!! The concept of the indicator is quite simple yet confusing! Did you know there are 2 different approaches to calculating the plot slope angle in NinjaTrader? First one will use the slope values and the other one will use the visual Y coordinates. In the first case what you see is NOT what you get, whereas in the second one what you SEE is what you GET so if start scaling the chart the angle changes! The main take away here is as always the code. I demonstrate clearly how both angles can be calculated easily. You can use and extend the indicator to your needs in any ways you like. Enjoy!

NC Bar Speed

Indicator Main Features
  • Measure consecutive bar close pattern speeds
  • Measure bar close speed with respect of direction
Indicator Description

Very simple yet effective indicator that shows bar creation speed. I think you can spot some edges using it, especially with renko or NinzaRenko bars. It can be used with any other bars as well. There are a few modes and features that it can be used with like looking for speed of close on consecutive bar patterns as well as applying a volume multiple to speed as well. All of this makes it useful in analyzing potential market turn arounds or continuation patterns. The indicator comes with source code and a code review video.

NC Divergence Expert

Indicator Main Features
  • Assign any Plot Input
  • Analyze Price Against any Indicator in NinjaTrader 8
  • Mark Up Divergences
  • Custom Pivot Analysis Algorithm Included
Indicator Description

Divergence identification is probably one of the most famous trading signals around and has been on my list of challenge indicators for quite a while. This particular solution offers the pivot detection algorithm that I have created for pivot analyzer and uses that in the context of finding divergences. The code offers an approach where any plot can be analyzed in respect to price. Once the algo detect a series of two pivots that are going up or down it will then review the same spots on any plot that you assign. It can be an indicator on a separate panel such as RSI or Stochastic as well as any indicator on the same pane such as EMA or even a secondary data series.

NC SuperTrend

Indicator Main Features
  • Signal API Available to Connect to Bloodhound
  • Full Source Code Logic Reviewed on Video
  • Popular Indicator Source Code
Indicator Description

SuperTrend indicator is really famous but there is so little magic behind it. All it is essentially is an ATR trail. The logic is real simple! On every bar close we build a top and botom channel using current ATR value with multiplier. After that if we get a Close above the channel we hide the top channel and color the bottom channel green. We do the opposite if we get the Close below the bottom channel value. The trail is also real simple. If the current close minus the atr value is actually smaller than the previous one whilst going up we use the previous value. That is why the plot is horizontal sometimes. If the value is higher we tighten it up. Please follow up to see the code review.

NC OrderFlow CumDelta

Indicator Main Features
  • Get the Code and take it to Any Level you Like
  • Learn how to Plot Custom Bars using SharpDX
  • Exact Copy of the Native OrderFlow NinjaTrader Indicator
  • Understand how OrderFlow Cumulative Delta Indicator is Created
Indicator Description

Wow wow wow! The long awaited! When I first saw the order flow cumulative delta indicator in NinjaTrader 8 paid version I was thrilled to find out the logic behind it. Turns out the logic is not that difficult at all, you can proceed to the code review I made and find out for yourself that the way it is calculated is quite easy and straight forward so now the magic is transparent. You are free to use the framework provided to extend it in any manner you like. You also get about an hour of source code review video that will help you learn how to collect data into custom collections and plot cool custom bars using the OnRender override inside your indicators! Enjoy!

NC Order Blocks

Indicator Main Features
  • Automatic detection of potential support and resistance zones
  • Full code review on video
  • Famous concept of order block used
  • Over 600 lines of interesting code
Indicator Description

Hello guys! The idea is that identifying order block patterns in my opinion can be partly subjective meaning one can see the order block where other one won't so this makes it a bit challenging to automate. With this indicator I was trying to come up with an unbiased algorithm that would make a decent attempt to analyse the patterns required to identify the order block. Although it cannot be considered perfect and some blocks are missed out, it is amazing how many are captured quite successfully and further retests of these zones prove the effectiveness of these identifications.

NC Block Marker

Indicator Main Features
  • Level Stays Active Untill Crossed by Price
  • Click to Mark Blocks
  • Source Code and Video Code Review Provided
Indicator Description

Wıth the help of this half manual UI controlled indicator you will be able to mark your own order blocks that will be extended untill they are crossed over/under by price. This is very usufull while trading especially when automated indicators seem to populate many unwanted levels that become outdated or are not very relevant. This indicator comes with source code which demonstrates valuable example of how to manipulate with NinjaTrader UI and create smart algortihms that can help you in the game of trading!


Indicator Main Features
  • Can be used on any series
  • Add, subtract, divide, multiply any two series
  • Source code and code review provided
  • Works with indexes and/or any other symbols
Indicator Description

Simple yet very effective indicator to compare the size of total up volume of NYSE to total down volume of NYSE. Users are able to subtract, multiply, devide or add any two series they like so not only is it possible to find the difference between two up volume and down volume indicies but also pretty much any existing data serieses on he market.

NCJE Mesa Stochastic

Indicator Main Features
  • Customization - source code provided
  • Visual Clarity
  • Reduced Lag
  • Cyclical Analysis
Indicator Description

The John Ehlers MESA Stochastic Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance the precision and efficacy of market trend analysis for traders. Grounded in the MESA (Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis) algorithm, this indicator is a brainchild of John Ehlers, known for his contributions to the field of cyclical analysis in trading. At its core, the MESA Stochastic Indicator diverges from conventional stochastic oscillators by incorporating cyclical components, thus offering a unique perspective on market momentum and potential reversals. By analyzing the market cycles more accurately, it aims to provide traders with timely signals that are less prone to the lag associated with traditional indicators. The indicator functions by first applying the MESA algorithm to deconstruct the price data into its underlying cyclical components. Then, it calculates the stochastic value of these components, producing a smoother and more responsive oscillator. This process is intended to pinpoint the optimal entry and exit points by highlighting the overbought and oversold conditions in a more refined manner.

NC CSV Exporter

Indicator Main Features
  • Source Code Provided
  • Export any Plot
  • Customizable File Path
Indicator Description

The CSV Exporter is a versatile and user-friendly indicator for NinjaTrader 8 that allows traders to export the values of any plotted indicator into a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. This tool is ideal for traders who need to perform further analysis on indicator values outside of NinjaTrader or share data with others who may not use the same platform.

NC Super Smoother RSI

Indicator Main Features
  • Customizable Overbought and Oversold Levels
  • Code and Theory Review
  • Advanced Smoothing Techniques
  • Signal Plotting on Chart
  • API Integration for Strategy Builders
Indicator Description

The NC RSI Indicator is an advanced tool tailored for traders using NinjaTrader 8, enhancing the traditional Relative Strength Index (RSI) by integrating customizable features for precision and usability in various trading strategies. This indicator is a must-have for traders looking to fine-tune their market analysis and improve decision-making processes.

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Indicator Main Features
  • Support and Resistance Identification: Exposes the two closest levels to the current price that act as support and resistance, helping traders make informed decisions about potential price barriers.
  • Continuous & Horizontal Plotting: Displays the POC as a continuous line across the chart for ongoing reference, and extends horizontal levels from each POC. These levels persist until breached by the price, at which point they turn grey to signify a shift in market control.
  • Dynamic POC Calculation: Automatically computes the Point of Control for every bar, allowing traders to see the most traded level based on comprehensive volume analysis.
Indicator Description

The NC Bar POC is a robust trading tool designed for traders who rely on precision and detailed analysis in their strategy development. This indicator meticulously calculates the Point of Control (POC) for each bar on your chart, based on your choice of tick or minute granularity. It provides a continuous, dynamic line that visually represents the dominant price level of traded volume within each bar, ensuring that traders can identify market sentiment and value areas with clarity. This indicator is ideal for traders who focus on volume analysis and want to incorporate the concept of volume-based support and resistance into their trading strategies. Whether you're trading short-term fluctuations or looking at longer-term trends, the NC Bar POC helps you pinpoint critical areas where price actions are likely to pause or reverse.

NC Stock Sectors

Indicator Main Features
  • Create your own stock sectors
  • Create your Own Indicators
  • Source Code and Code Review Provided
  • UVOL, DVOL, Up Down Values and Percentages
  • Analyze market indicators for all or any of SNP500 stock sectors
  • 11 sectors added
Indicator Description

NC Stock Sectors Indicator is created to look into 11 SNP500 zones that inlcude, communication services, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, financials, health care, industrials, information technology, materials, real estate, utilities. Users are able to apply market indicators to particular stock sectors and perform research, standard indicators include up down values expressed in count and percent and UVOL/DVOL calculations. Indicator comes with source code and code review. You can extend the indicator using your knowledge and/or our services.

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NCTS Q-Stick

Indicator Main Features
  • The QStick measures a moving average of the net difference between the closing and opening prices.
  • When the indicator trends upwards, it indicates that, on average, prices are closing higher than their opening values.
  • Conversely, a downward trend in the QStick suggests that prices are closing lower than they opened, on average.
  • Additionally, the QStick can be used to generate trading signals through crossovers with the signal line or the zero line.
Indicator Description

The Qstick indicator, conceived by Tushar Chande, serves as a quantitative tool in technical analysis to detect trends on a price chart. It is derived by calculating the moving average over 'n' periods of the difference between the opening and closing prices. When the Qstick value is above zero, it suggests that the majority of the past 'n' days have experienced upward movements, signifying an increase in buying pressure. Also known as Quick Stick, the Qstick Indicator is not commonly found in most trading and charting software applications. QSI=EMA or SMA of (Close−Open)


Indicator Main Features
  • Zone levels adjustable
  • Classic signals API - when indicator leaves overbought and oversold zones
  • Zone entry singnal API
  • Multiple MA selectors including Super Smoother
  • Input selector with Typical, Weighted, Close and Median available
Indicator Description

The NC CCI Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 is an enhanced version of the standard Commodity Channel Index (CCI) that incorporates extended functionality tailored for more sophisticated analysis and trading strategies. This customized indicator allows users to select from multiple moving average (MA) options, including the advanced John Ehlers Super Smoother filter, designed to reduce noise and improve signal accuracy. Additional features of the NC CCI Indicator include a variety of input types for users to choose from, such as Weighted, Typical, Close, and Median prices. This flexibility enables traders to fine-tune the indicator based on their specific trading style and the characteristics of the asset they are analyzing. Moreover, the NC CCI Indicator comes with complete source code and provides two different API signals, catering to both developers looking to integrate the indicator into their systems and traders seeking ready-to-use trading signals. This makes the NC CCI Indicator a versatile tool for users of the NinjaTrader 8 platform, offering enhanced capabilities to capitalize on market trends effectively.

NC Renko Reversals

Indicator Main Features
  • Build Swing Levels Depending on Swing Size
  • Source Code and Code Review Provided
  • Bloodhound and Strategy Compatible
  • API Signals Available
Indicator Description

Swing High/Low Detection: The indicator identifies swing highs or lows exclusively on NinzaRenko reversal bars. This detection occurs only if the sequence of bars preceding the reversal bar meets or exceeds a specified count, set by the user in the parameters. Arrow Indication: When the previously identified swing high or low level is breached by the price action, the indicator will display an arrow to visually signal this event. API Signal Publication: Upon the penetration of a swing line, the indicator sends out a signal via an API. This allows the signal to be integrated with external systems, such as trading strategies or signal generators like Bloodhound. This functionality is crucial for automating trading strategies based on the indicator's signals.

NC Delta Pairs

Indicator Main Features
  • Compare Delta Between Any 2 Instruments
  • Handy Instrument Selector
  • Codebase Showcase
  • Input Delta Into Any of the 7 MA Types Available
  • Add Standard Deviation Offsets to the Average Delta
Indicator Description

Definetely something to have a look into in your trading is synthetic delta trading. You can work out quite a few interesting set ups and the number of possible generations of combinations is quite impressive. The indicator allows to work out the delta between any two instruments, build any of the 7 moving average types on its data and have a standard deviation offset from the average to see when the delta seems to be more off than usual. Overall the endge is there so test, test, test and search!


Indicator Main Features
  • Comprehensive Algorithm Explanation
  • Extensibility
  • Hidden Plot Feature
  • Source code and code review
Indicator Description

The Hi-Lo approach to building swing indicators is a popular method used in various trading platforms, including NinjaTrader. Despite its widespread use, the underlying logic and clarity behind the codebase of this indicator have often been a source of confusion, especially when trying to integrate it into strategy code. This product aims to demystify the algorithm and provide a clear, understandable framework for constructing a Hi-Lo swing indicator.