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Powerfull Stock Trading Algorithm for NinjaTrader 8

Discover Pre-Training Techniques and Researching in NinjaTrader Now

Powerfull Symbol Selection Approach Automated for NinjaTrader 8

Source Code Provided

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Strategy Main Features

  • Research and Pre-Learning Algorithm Explained

  • Entry Based on Market Open

  • Applicable for Stocks and More

  • Over 1000 lines of code

Strategy Description

Hello guys! With this source code concept my aim was to figure out whether it would be possible to make NinjaTrader study the data first and only then trade it and forunately it is possible! In this strategy/framework/course I showcase how to run a research on a list of symbols based on stock market open and close values. We will have a look at some numbers and make NinjaTrader look at them too prior executing the trading algorithm. This means that anytime you actually enable the strategy it can already be pre-trained!!!


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