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NC Bar POC Indicator: Precision Point of Control Analysis for Every Trading Bar

Master Market Dynamics: NC Bar POC's Advanced Support & Resistance Tool

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Indicator Main Features

  • Dynamic POC Calculation: Automatically computes the Point of Control for every bar, allowing traders to see the most traded level based on comprehensive volume analysis.

  • Continuous & Horizontal Plotting: Displays the POC as a continuous line across the chart for ongoing reference, and extends horizontal levels from each POC. These levels persist until breached by the price, at which point they turn grey to signify a shift in market control.

  • Support and Resistance Identification: Exposes the two closest levels to the current price that act as support and resistance, helping traders make informed decisions about potential price barriers.

Indicator Description

The NC Bar POC is a robust trading tool designed for traders who rely on precision and detailed analysis in their strategy development. This indicator meticulously calculates the Point of Control (POC) for each bar on your chart, based on your choice of tick or minute granularity. It provides a continuous, dynamic line that visually represents the dominant price level of traded volume within each bar, ensuring that traders can identify market sentiment and value areas with clarity. This indicator is ideal for traders who focus on volume analysis and want to incorporate the concept of volume-based support and resistance into their trading strategies. Whether you're trading short-term fluctuations or looking at longer-term trends, the NC Bar POC helps you pinpoint critical areas where price actions are likely to pause or reverse.


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