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NC Block Marker Indicator

Powerfull Order Block Analysis Tool

Start Marking your Support and Resistance Zones Now

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Start Marking your Own Order Blocks Now

Indicator Main Features

  • Click to Mark Blocks

  • Level Stays Active Untill Crossed by Price

  • Source Code and Video Code Review Provided

Indicator Description

Wıth the help of this half manual UI controlled indicator you will be able to mark your own order blocks that will be extended untill they are crossed over/under by price. This is very usufull while trading especially when automated indicators seem to populate many unwanted levels that become outdated or are not very relevant. This indicator comes with source code which demonstrates valuable example of how to manipulate with NinjaTrader UI and create smart algortihms that can help you in the game of trading!


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
145 USD

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