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NinjaTrader 8 Dynamic Zig-Zag/Swing Indicator

Dynamic Zig-Zag with a Unique ATR Function and Swing Data

Adjusts to the Market Conditions and More!

Full Source Code and Video Code Review

NinjaTrader 8 Dynamic ATR Mutlifunctional Zig-Zag/Swing Indicator

Check out the Video for more Info!

Indicator Main Features

  • Dynamic Zag Trend Number

  • Dynamic ATR Deviation Value

  • Point Distance Calculations between Pivots

  • Leg Size and Volume Calculations

  • Full Source Code and Videos

Indicator Description

Hello guys! We all know of a Zig Zag/Swing indicator! However, most of them are static. Feel free to explore my personal edition which allows you to set the deviation value using an ATR indicator. This is a very effective tool since this makes the Zig Zag/Swing adaptable to the market conditions! I will give you an example! So you can use the Zag value to trade breakouts or find interesting levels to place your stops and profits at. Now, if the Zig Zag is static then how is it going to be valid when the market calms down or speeds up? Exactly, when the market is fast and volatile the ATR of a dynamic Zig Zag indicator for NinjaTrader 8 will give you the change to see the adjusted levels and same when the market calms down because the deviation value of the Zig Zag will be using the current ATR! The indicator also allows you to see data for swing leg size, volume and peak delta which can have some tremendous edge in trading! Get this now and proceed to full source code review of 1500 lines of pure NinjaScript! Enjoy!)


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