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NC Ball Drop Trading System for NinjaTrader 8

Trade Potential Market Retracements

Empowered by Fibonacci & Custom Pivot Detection Algorithm

Source Code and Code Review Provided

Ball Drop Trading System Logic Review

Watch the Video to Understand How the System Trades

Strategy Main Features

  • Trade Solid Potential Retracements

  • Interesting Concept and Fascinating Code Base

  • Fibonacci and Pivot Base

  • Source Code and Code Review Provided

Strategy Description

Hello guys! So, finally the time has come to trade some ball drop systems. What I mean by that is this system is designed to enter in a potentially better price zone after a certain price drop. So in other words we are looking for a retracement but when do we do that? The trick in this system is to find it after we have a number of pivots formed in the dierection of the trend and we start experiencing pivots on he other side trying to pull us back. What I am trying to say is we can set this system to wait for 3 (user set) new higher highs followed by a lower low!!! This set up forms a liquidity pool formed at the higher high that can allow us to persume that price will come back to retrace close to that certain level and we can enter with a good value. Once we are in we know exactly where to place our stops and profits. Everyhting is based on the range formed between the last higher high and the last lower low. Fibonacci levels are then used for user set retracement, profit and target levels. This system provides a whole new wide range set of ideas that further experiments can be based on as well asa really cool code base to play around with! Enjoy!


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
395 USD

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