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NC Smart Levels Strategy for NinjaTrader 8

Let the Algorithm Decide which Levels to Use Now

Bot Made to Trade Levels Effectively

Flexible Framework to Build Levels Around Any Indicator or Signal

Smart Levels Bot Logic Details

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Strategy Main Features

  • Proper Level Management Approach

  • ADX Suit Indicator Included

  • Flexible Concept to Build More Strategies

  • Automatic Hot Level Identification Based on ADX Signals

Strategy Description

The time has come to approach the most subjective and discrete matter in trading - level building. For some reason we all see our own levels and it has always been a quest to try and identify them using an automated algorithm. There can be numerous ways to approach this issue including zig zags, pivot levels, graphical analysis and so on. In this strategy the most valuable part of the concept and the code is actually the level identification and management algorithm which uses part of the directional movement indicator ADX to search and establish stable levels. The template provided can be easily adjusted to use any other concept of level signal. Although the system provided does show promising results on a variety of symbols there can be numerous other concepts that can be easily derived from the code and concept template that comes with the strategy. It is virtually impossible to cover them all but the user can adopt the mechanisms and alter the code base themselves or use our services to extend the codebase if required.


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