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Source Code & Code Review Provided

NC DataCollector

Addon Main Features
  • Build and review portfolios
  • Create Multiple Portfolios
  • Review Individual Bactests/Optimization Results
  • Review Portfolio Backtest Results
  • Combine and Store Multiple Portfolios
Addon Description

Introducing NC Data Collector: Unleash the Power of Advanced Analysis and Optimize Your Trading Strategies! Take your trading game to the next level with NC Data Collector, the ultimate tool for storing, reviewing, and managing multiple optimization and backtest results. No more struggling with disorganized data or manually analyzing trades – NC Data Collector simplifies the process and empowers you with valuable insights. Harness the potential of your trading strategies by seamlessly exporting trades from NinjaTrader into a dedicated folder accessible by Data Collector. From there, the magic begins as this powerful tool analyzes your data and presents you with comprehensive views to drive your decision-making. Immerse yourself in the Summary View, where a concise overview of your results awaits. Dive deep into the Analysis View, where you'll find equity and drawdown charts that provide a clear understanding of your strategy's performance. Explore the Trades View, which showcases individual test performances as well as portfolio test performances, giving you a holistic perspective. But that's not all – NC Data Collector offers even more incredible features. Marvel at the combined equity curves and drawdown curves, showcasing the collective performance of your portfolio. Visualize multiple plots on a single chart, effortlessly comparing the performance of individual strategies. Don't let valuable insights slip through your fingers. Embrace the power of NC Data Collector today and transform the way you analyze and optimize your trading strategies. Make informed decisions, maximize your profits, and stay one step ahead of the market. Unlock the potential of your trading strategies with NC Data Collector. Order now and revolutionize your trading experience. Your future success starts here!

NC Renko Bars

Addon Main Features
  • Almost an hour of code review video
  • Fully back testable
  • No fake values
  • Algorithm logic explained in detail
Addon Description

Main take away from this product which is a BarType for NinjaTrader is the code review. If you watch this code review you will be able to understand how to build bars for NinjaTrader. Overall these bars are vey similar to NinzaRenko bars however these are fully back testable and do not have any fake values for visual purposes. They are tick based bars that form a new bar after the market has moved the step size in the same direction and/or reverse the bar if the market has moved a user set tick size in the opposite direction.

NC Binance Adapter

Addon Main Features
  • Build exotic bars such as NinzaRenko
  • Spot, USDM and COIN-M instruments
  • Manage symbols at ease
  • Tick data, minute data, day data
Addon Description

The adapter is designed to deliver data from Binance exchange to NinjaTrader platform. Users are able to explore quiality tick, intraday and daily data for all bar types including tick bars. Users are able to receive all intrument types exsiting on Binance including SPOT pairs and USD-M and COIN-M futures. The plug in is availalbe with a custom symbol search engine providing over 2000 symbols to choose from.

NC Transaq Connector

Addon Main Features
  • User-Friendly: Easy setup and operation for a hassle-free experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Exclusive compatibility with Transaq software and Finam broker.
  • Comprehensive Data: Access to tick, minute, and daily data for thorough market analysis.
  • Enhanced Trading: Streamlined workflow for traders seeking an edge on MOEX exchange.
  • Reliability: Dependable data delivery ensures accurate decision-making.
Addon Description

The NinjaTrader to MOEX Exchange data connector is a valuable resource for traders using Transaq software and Finam broker. It efficiently delivers tick, minute, and daily data to NinjaTrader, streamlining market analysis. This product's exclusive compatibility ensures a seamless trading experience for those within the Transaq and Finam ecosystem.

NC ATR Renko Bars

Addon Main Features
  • Scalable Values
  • Enable ATR on any Time-Frame
  • Bar Size Adjusts to Volatility Dynamically
  • Dynamic Bar Size
Addon Description

Hello guys! I bet many of us had an idea of having bars automatically adjust to market volatility. Well, here they are, ATR-Renko Bars for NinjaTader 8 and ATR Renko Bars-P where the second is the version that you will be actually able to backtest with.