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NC MA Angle Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

Trade Using Various MA Angles

2 Slope Type Calculations

Full Source Code and Video Code Review Provided

MA Angle Indicator Review

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Indicator Main Features

  • Build your entries based on MA angle

  • Learn How the Angle Is Calculated

  • Learn How to Calculate the Angle Based on the Visual Plot

  • Find Out how to Calculate the Values based on the Values of the Plot

Indicator Description

Hello guys!! The concept of the indicator is quite simple yet confusing! Did you know there are 2 different approaches to calculating the plot slope angle in NinjaTrader? First one will use the slope values and the other one will use the visual Y coordinates. In the first case what you see is NOT what you get, whereas in the second one what you SEE is what you GET so if start scaling the chart the angle changes! The main take away here is as always the code. I demonstrate clearly how both angles can be calculated easily. You can use and extend the indicator to your needs in any ways you like. Enjoy!


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