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NC Q-Stick Indicator for NinjaTrader

Created by Tushar Chande

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Indicator Main Features

  • The QStick measures a moving average of the net difference between the closing and opening prices.

  • When the indicator trends upwards, it indicates that, on average, prices are closing higher than their opening values.

  • Conversely, a downward trend in the QStick suggests that prices are closing lower than they opened, on average.

  • Additionally, the QStick can be used to generate trading signals through crossovers with the signal line or the zero line.

Indicator Description

The Qstick indicator, conceived by Tushar Chande, serves as a quantitative tool in technical analysis to detect trends on a price chart. It is derived by calculating the moving average over 'n' periods of the difference between the opening and closing prices. When the Qstick value is above zero, it suggests that the majority of the past 'n' days have experienced upward movements, signifying an increase in buying pressure. Also known as Quick Stick, the Qstick Indicator is not commonly found in most trading and charting software applications. QSI=EMA or SMA of (Close−Open)


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