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NCP Daily Fib Trader for NinjaTrader 8

Trade Potential Levels that Countless Traders Use

Based Off The Power & Attraction Of The Fibonacci Levels

Proven to Pass Apex Evaluations

Daily Fib Trader In Action

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Strategy Main Features

  • Used to Pass Apex Evaluation Accounts

  • Trade Fibonacci Retracements From the Previous Trading Session With Trend

  • Fully Adjustable Entries and Exits

  • Adjustable Scale in Method

  • Multiple Filters to Find the Best Results and to meet your trading needs

  • Videos and instructions Included on how to use

Strategy Description

Welcome Traders! The Daily Fib Trader is here! Designed to work on passing your APEX evaluation accounts! Every trader I know has used Fibonacci Retracements at some point in their trading career and many continue to do so with a successful strategy. Fibonacci levels are popular among traders to draw support and resistance levels. The levels are like MAGNETS! The Daily Fib Trader capitalizes on these magnets and trades those levels with entries and targets completely adjustable by you! With the customizable filters within the strategy, you are able to find the best results that meet your trading needs to help you consistently grow your account! Let the Daily Fib Trader work for you and enjoy!


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395 USD

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