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Channel BreakOut Trade System Constructor

The Ultimate Approach to Trade Channel Breakouts

Tube Trend Strategy for NinjaTrader 8

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Strategy Main Features

  • Channel base built from EMA, HMA, TMA, SMA, VWMA, TEMA, WMA, VWAP

  • Channel offset by standard deviation or ATR

  • Flexible ATR based Stop Loss and Take Profit Values

  • Strong and Extendable filter block

  • Split and Breakeven Possibilities

Strategy Description

Simplicity is the way to go quite often and this system is not an exception to this amazing coincidence. This system is built to look for trend moves and stay safe and sideways during periods of less dynamic market activity. System offers a few approaches to how the channel or the tube is built either using a variety of moving averages such as EMA, HMA, TMA, SMA, VWMA, TEMA, WMA and offsetting the channel sides by the use of a standard deviation or an ATR. The entry occurs at channel break out allowing users to set two profit targets and a stop using multiples of current ATR values. Once your first profit target is reached the strategy automatically moves the stop loss to break even. The position size for each split is a variable and it is up the user to manage this risk. The strategy also allows to either close or reverse the existing position at the occurrence of an opposite signal. This fact is also allowed to be ignored. Another exiting feature that is present is the middle channel exit. Finally the strategy is supplied with an extendable filter block. Out of the box users are presented with an MACD and RSI filters. It is possible to extend this block with infinite number of variations should you wish to acquire the source code license or become a member to NinjaCoding development services. Overall the strategy can be optimized providing numerous parameter combinations. Feel free to explore the provided validations and settings for more information.

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Test Results Demonstrating Potential System Stability

What is In-Sample & Out-of-Sample

In Sample part of the test is the period where we optimize the strategy. Optimization is a process that is believed to find the best strategy parameters for that particular period.

However these parameters can fail miserably on the Out-of-Sample part of the test which is a mimic of the live performance.

In order to test the system’s potential robustness we try and see good Out - of Sample results as well which can be a good sign of that the parameters which we found for the In-Sample part of the test can actually be acceptable for the live trading.

Each validation is done with a 1 contract test and is provided with at least 3 validation tests to demonstrate potential system stability.

We provide 3 tempalte files with the system that you are free to use for your own trading. If you set up the exact same test environment and run these settings you will get very similar results to those demonstrated on our tests.

Please see video for more information!

Symbol: MNQ
TimeFrame: 60
OptimizationCoefficient: Profit Factor
MNQ 13.01.2020 - 12.02.2021
GC 27.01.2020 - 16.02.2021
SI 21.01.2020 - 16.02.2021
MIJY 13.01.2020 - 09.02.2021
In-Sample Out-of-Sample
Net Profit 12016.50 4594.00
Average Trade 98.50 76.57
Number of trades 122.00 60.00
Trades per Month 15.90 11.40
Trades per Year 193.45 138.70
First Trade Open Date 13.01.2020 10.09.2020
Last Trade Open Date 27.08.2020 12.02.2021
Profit Factor 2.67 1.94
Sharp 1.28 1.10
Max Draw Down -1981.50 -1024.00
Draw Down Below 0 Line -1193.50 -1193.50
Average Draw Down -451.65 -576.43
Average Draw Down Days 9.42 15.04
Max Draw Down Days 33.25 21.46
Win Rate 64.75 61.67
Average Win 243.34 256.68
Max Cons Win 9.00 7.00
Max Win 585.00 679.00
Loss Rate 21.31 25.00
Average Loss -277.21 -326.87
Max Cons Loss 2.00 3.00
Max Loss -1492.00 -654.00


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
245 USD

Supported 24-7

Tested & Validated