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NC Delta Pairs Indicator for NinjaTrader

Instantly Work Out Delta Between 2 Instruments

Buld Multi MA Bollinger Band Around The Delta

Trade Tube BreakOuts or Bollinger Reversals

NC Pairs Delta Indicator Video Review

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Indicator Main Features

  • Compare Delta Between Any 2 Instruments

  • Handy Instrument Selector

  • Codebase Showcase

  • Input Delta Into Any of the 7 MA Types Available

  • Add Standard Deviation Offsets to the Average Delta

Indicator Description

Definetely something to have a look into in your trading is synthetic delta trading. You can work out quite a few interesting set ups and the number of possible generations of combinations is quite impressive. The indicator allows to work out the delta between any two instruments, build any of the 7 moving average types on its data and have a standard deviation offset from the average to see when the delta seems to be more off than usual. Overall the endge is there so test, test, test and search!


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
99 USD

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