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NC Order Blocks indicator for NinjaTrader 8

Identify Potential Support & Resistance Zones with more Confidence

Go with the Big Players

Full Source Code and Video Code Review Provided

NC Order Blocks Concept Review

Order Block Detection Algorithm Explained

Indicator Main Features

  • Over 600 lines of interesting code

  • Automatic detection of potential support and resistance zones

  • Full code review on video

  • Famous concept of order block used

Indicator Description

Hello guys! The idea is that identifying order block patterns in my opinion can be partly subjective meaning one can see the order block where other one won't so this makes it a bit challenging to automate. With this indicator I was trying to come up with an unbiased algorithm that would make a decent attempt to analyse the patterns required to identify the order block. Although it cannot be considered perfect and some blocks are missed out, it is amazing how many are captured quite successfully and further retests of these zones prove the effectiveness of these identifications.


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