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Binance Data Adapter for NinjaTrader 8

Get Historical and Live Data from Binance for Spot, USD-M and COIN-M Futures

Ticks, Minutes, Days

Exotic Bars and More

Data Connector Main Features

  • Tick data, minute data, day data

  • Build exotic bars such as NinzaRenko

  • Manage symbols at ease

  • Spot, USDM and COIN-M instruments

Data Connector Description

The adapter is designed to deliver data from Binance exchange to NinjaTrader platform. Users are able to explore quiality tick, intraday and daily data for all bar types including tick bars. Users are able to receive all intrument types exsiting on Binance including SPOT pairs and USD-M and COIN-M futures. The plug in is availalbe with a custom symbol search engine providing over 2000 symbols to choose from.


Lease, Free Hold and Source Code Options Available
145 USD

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