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NinjaTrader 8 Smart Bollinger Multi MA Indicator

Flexible Bollinger Constructor with Multiple MA and Offset Options

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Smart Bollinger Band Indicator

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Indicator Main Features

  • Build bands using ATR or standard deviation values

  • Use different MAs such as EMA, HMA, SMA, VWMA, TMA, TEMA, WMA and even VWAP to build the middle band value

Indicator Description

As we know Bollinger Bands are built using a central moving average and a standard deviation value that is used as an offset value from that average to give us a channel look. The current indicator allows us to use over 7 different MAs for building the middle value such as: EMA, HMA, SMA, VWMA, TMA, TEMA, WMA and even VWAP!!! Also, the indicator allows to set offset using Standard Deviation or ATR.


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