Is this addon safe to use? Ninjatools-Binance
08.05.2021 05.29

NinjaTrader 8 Addon Development Tutorial

NinjaCoding friend

Hi Yuri


As we know NT8 does not provide connection to Binance for crypto trading (nothing to Binance, and only data to Coinbase).


There seems to be a 3rd party provider selling this Binance addon, where we can download to try it:


It seems to be working fine, however is it safe to use? Is there anyway we can verify its integrity and safety, as Ninja customer support mentioned below:


(1) It is not a authorised vendor, therefore its risky


(2) Addon can access any files on your PC.


(3) Malicious addon to be able to capture the source code files and copy them to another location locally, or remotely.


Any chance you can give it a try, and would love to hear your comment/review on this addon, and how we can use it without worry it may have malicious code to extract info from your PC?


Thank you Yuri


  • Yuri Zolotarev
    08.05.2021 22:20


    I have an official Binance adapter for NinjaTrader that you can download here . It has been approved officially.  It can only be used for data. NinjaTrader does not allow for order routing API for any third party users by their Terms and Conditions. NinjaTools is therefore violating these terms and it is not possible to verify anything that they provide.

  • NinjaCoding friend
    10.05.2021 06:23

    Thank you Yuri for this amazing adapter! Now we can see Binance data on NT8 finally!


    However when I developed strategies for trading crypto say ETH or DOGE, how can I make order to Binance? Do you have any recommended ways?


    Thank you so much Yuri!



  • NinjaCoding friend
    10.05.2021 06:51

    Hi Yuri,

    Also the Binance adapter doesn't seem to be able to:
    (1) The Table that contains Symbol, TickSize etc, doesn't seem to do anything.
    (2) It seems not possible to draw candlestick chart of any coin

    Am I using it wrong?

    Thank you Yuri


  • Yuri Zolotarev
    10.05.2021 09:11


    you cannot place orders using Binance adapter. Order routing API is not provided to 3rd party developers like me who have developed an adapter for other marketplaces. This is NT policy. You don't have much choice here.

    As for you other questions:

    1. Table is just for reference, to see what symbols are available.

    2. Feel free to file up a proper support case that we can have a look at to help you. Support is available here:

  • NinjaCoding friend
    20.06.2021 15:23

    Hello Yuri, is it posible to use your adapter for back testing? I mean, just simulating orders and positions locally only inside of NT.


  • Yuri Zolotarev
    28.06.2021 21:58