Instrument Opening Time
25.11.2020 22.36

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Gregory Wexler

Is there a Ninjascript function which returns the opening time for a symbol?

For example, GC (Gold Futures opens at 5:20a PST) and ES (eMini Futures opens at 6:30am PST).  Is there a function which can return the opening range time, when the instrument is passed as a parameter?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    29.11.2020 16:39

    You might want to look into Trading Hours.

  • Gregory Wexler
    01.12.2020 04:02

    Yes, so I found Trading Hours here with a coding example:

    However, I'm seeking Globex Hours vs. Trading Hours.

    Any thoughts on where I might obtain that?

  • Gregory Wexler
    01.12.2020 19:22

    I haven't found anything except the possible option of opening a separate data feed to the same instrument in RTH and collecting the 'starting hours' from that point.  I'll have to try it out, if that's even possible.

  • NinjaCoding friend
    13.08.2021 17:56

    Yes, I am using a code, if you are still interested.