How to regression test of strategies/codes in Ninjatrader?
08.07.2020 12.17

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NinjaCoding friend

Hi Yuri,

May you share some of your experiences in how you:
(1) plan

(2) perform

Regression Testing (i.e. to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features.) of your NT strategies, indicators, addons, or any codes when you do update of Ninjatrader to newer releases?

For example, will you purchase multiple copies of NT, where have one copy of NT upgraded to newer release, while keep another one at old release, and run your codes (i.e. 
NT strategies, indicators, addons) and compare the difference between two versions, one by one for each code?

Or is there smarter way of doing this?

Thank you so much Yuri!

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    09.07.2020 20:34


    Not sure why you are trying to complicate things so much. I simply have a visual studio team services GIT set up in my visual studio. I push my code to the server every now and then. The way NinjaTarder project is built is if you make a change at some point that might affect some indicator which is used elsewhere you will find out straight away because it simply won't compile.

  • NinjaCoding friend
    10.07.2020 11:53

    Thank you so much Yuri!