Architecture Template places 3 Sell Stop Orders at Price 0
01.07.2020 18.02

Creating Flexible Strategy Architecture in NinjaTrader 8

Rick Hollywood

It does it on different symbols I tried it on. Im using split mode with pos1 being 1 and pos 2 being 2. SL in ticks and Profit target in ticks too and break even is on after target 1 hit so I tried everything and dont know whats wrong.

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    01.07.2020 18:05

    Please attach you settings set up xml here so I can try on my side.

  • Rick Hollywood
    01.07.2020 18:34

    I dont know what that is brother.

  • Rick Hollywood
    01.07.2020 19:04

    Im using the template settings except trail stop is off

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    09.07.2020 20:32

    Save settings as template and send the XML here so I can reproduce your set up. Also state which symbol and timeframe you are experiencing this issue on please. Thank you.

  • Rick Hollywood
    10.07.2020 01:23

    ok thanks for the reply. Its not letting me do it for some reason. I printed a screenshot of the settings im using