Why do entry name says Stop Long & Stop Short
22.06.2020 15.23

Creating Flexible Strategy Architecture in NinjaTrader 8

Rick Hollywood

oh my bad....Why does the entry name says Stop Long & Stop Short on the back-test for the systems architecture template...at 1st I taught it had something to do with the Opposite Signal Action and I tried changing it to close existing position but it would still have Stop Long and Stop Short as a entry name...is that better?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    22.06.2020 19:38

    Please read question asking guidelines before asking questions. Thank you.

    P.S. You can find them right above the textbox where you have typed this question.

  • Rick Hollywood
    22.06.2020 22:01

    Ok I fixed it let me know if thats better.

  • Rick Hollywood
    23.06.2020 02:19

    I tried everything

  • Rick Hollywood
    23.06.2020 04:28

    I think I fixed it by unchecking split positions.