Brackets trouble
21.06.2020 12.12

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* trying to make an example, but brackets troubling me

? Is this because of the OnEcexecutionUpdate execution, causing a bracket problem in my script ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    21.06.2020 15:43

    This is because 

    1) You need to pay more attention to what you are doing

    2) You need to read what it says when there is a mistake in code, sometimes error messages can give you useful information

    3) You need to look over basic syntax rules of C#

    private void PaintIt()     -----> why are you placing a      ;        right here?????????????????????????



  • Frank
    21.06.2020 17:11

    ah i c, C# syntax rules violatet ... dammit.

    ya was reading the error message up and down and trying to find out for around 40 minutes but kept being stuck in Google searches etc. about it.

    This PaintIt is only for demonstrating purpose, not an actual method for strategy.

    Do you know of a chat where people actually answer those questions to learners directly ? I saw c#, but the don't like to answer learner's questions, only pro stuff. It'd be great to have a place where people focus on learners. To receive quick answers to upcoming questions during the course of action, because many times learners don't know what the actual problem is ... thus making it hard to lookup the problem, especially in the beginners time.

  • Frank
    21.06.2020 17:37

    had a ; after PaintIt() ... was lucky this time on IRC chat ;)