20.06.2020 18.30

Algorithmic Trading with NinjaTrader


* I see that _entryOrder var is defined eith EnterLong, but don't see EnterLong actually being executed in the code

? where does ordering N8 to enter the market actually happen ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    21.06.2020 08:34

    EnterLong is a method that is executed inside NinjaTrader API after you call it, all we know is the variety of its signatures that are available to us. We don't really need anything else from this point and since we are third party users we pass on the responsibility of the rest of order handling procedures to NinjaTrader api.

  • Frank
    21.06.2020 14:51

    yes that far i understood, but did not find where the content of the var _entryOrder actually is being used to execute that order

    ? or is it executing with this already :
    _entryOrder = EnterShort(PosSize, EnterShortName);

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    21.06.2020 15:40