Simple Code Version Backup in VisualStudio
19.06.2020 17.19

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... argh, of course it happened, i click the file overwrite without save and my work is gone (well wasn't such a hero code anyways but ...)

Checked into Win10 "Previous File Version" ... still being on it since won't let me create a disk it requires for saving the versions. Did that to just have at least a quick possibility without effort of Git etc. versioning system, which i think is not versioning while u go and eachversioning needs a manual "put" action before you're on the safe side ... that would sooner or shorter lead to the same problem. Such versioning is meant as a tool between collaborating people.

? So my question is, is there a tip on another method that does the file versions on-the-fly that can be recommended, before i go and research the world for the most easy and effective solution for that single kitchen coder ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    19.06.2020 21:23

    Yes, git is the way to go. I use visual studio team services but you are free to connect to services like github etc.