Chart display scaling vertically
19.06.2020 17.04

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? can i setup the chart to display the price / vertical display at a specific scaling, and then still keeping the active bars within the chart window ?

* rt now when i squeeze it vertically down, the chart walks out of the window

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    19.06.2020 21:25

    Really not sure what you mean here but maybe you should explore pressing F and using the AutoScale feature in your indicators and plots.

  • Frank
    19.06.2020 22:04

    ok ya, i may better carry such plattform stuff over to NinjaSupport.

    But for who's interested, here my explain. for ur comment b4:

    when i hit F, it auto-scales. Meaning the finished bars get longer / shorter all the time. 

    The visual reference is changing constantly.

    With tick chart, the vertical display-distance between the price-entries on the right side of the chart keeps changing ... same thing, visual reference of a steady distance is missing.

    Now when the user scales the chart-view vertically, the scale factor of the chart-view remains the same, but if the price is higher or lower than the currently visible range in the chart-window, then the bars / ticks continue outside your viewport (chart-view).

    N8 not following centering the data in the visible area of the viewport any more :(

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    20.06.2020 10:38

    Thing is if you touch the vertical scaler the F will appear and your bars will go off chart. There is two modes either the F mode which is basically autoscale or the mode after you touch and grab the vertical scaler which assumes you have fine-tuned your view and want it to stay that way.

  • Frank
    20.06.2020 12:52

    ja, the functionality of centering the scaled and therefore fixed vertical display is missing.

    Probably Ninja-Devs will add this simple method once the inconvenience of the current solution in this point is passed over to them ... will point them to this forum entry, now that its all explained here well.

  • Frank
    20.06.2020 23:16

    function exists

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    21.06.2020 08:32

    Oh wow, this is great Frank, thanks for letting us know!