17.06.2020 22.10

Market Analyzer - 96 Trading Strategies for NinjaTrader 8

NinjaCoding friend

Hi ,   I just downloaded the market analyser on ninja 8.Can you give me step by step instruction to make it active. 

  • Epistemophilic
    18.06.2020 02:32

    Installing 3rd Party Add-Ons

    After you have downloaded 3rd Party Add-On, they can be imported from the NinjaTrader Control Center.


     1. From the Control Center window select the menu Tools > ImportNinjaScript Add-On... to open the "Import" dialog window

     2. Select the file you want to import

     3. Press the "Import" button

  • Epistemophilic
    18.06.2020 02:39

    Then follow the below steps:

    1. Make sure you are on a Sim account because the MarketAnalyzer strategy is for example purposes and will lose money in real time
    2. right click on a chart
    3. Click on Strategies or CTRL+S
    4. double click on strategy - make sure it shows up under configured
    5. click "OK"
    6. go to Strategies tab under main NinjaTrader window
    7. Check again to make sure you are on Sim account under "Account display name" column
    8. click on Enabled check box in the row for that strategy