fh: what exactly am i doing here with PivotUp1 ?
07.06.2020 14.42

Algorithmic Trading with NinjaTrader


? what is inside PivotUp[0]

? what does * 1 * TickSize do

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    07.06.2020 17:41

    If you press F12 whilst mousing over PivotUp1 you will be taken to the point in code where PivotUp1 is identified. 

    When you ask what is inside PivotUp[0] all I can say is -> values.

    what does * 1 * TickSize  -> when you multiply by ticksize you turn points into ticks

    eg. 1 tick on ES is 0.25 points, tickssize is 0.25 therefore to go from ticks to points you multiply whatever number of ticks you got by ticksize to get points.