fh: where is isLong value being generated if true ?
07.06.2020 12.52

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... in existing code, when i chk for the definition of isLong, i didnt find where the value true or false is actually being generated.

also, EnterLongName, is it only my display name for the trade on the chart or has deeper meaning ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    07.06.2020 17:15

    EnterLongName is the order name. You can use order names to check what order has been filled. 

    isLong is a method parameter, when you call a method OpenPosition a true or false is passed into it. Look for a spot in the code where OpenPosition method is called, you will find that the method is called like this OpenPosition(true) or OpenPosition(false). That is where the isLong is passed.