Turn on labels inside code
30.05.2020 18.35

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how do i turn on labels in the code inside VS like you have them in your video in VS ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    30.05.2020 18:41

    I am not 100% sure, because at some point this feature just appeared on my end but I think it Re-Sharper doing it.


  • Frank
    30.05.2020 18:45

    ah ok i c, Re-Sharper unfortunately is yet too costly for part time coding

  • Frank
    30.05.2020 18:45

    ... other question,

    does your forum support email reply posting ?

  • Yuri Zolotarev
    30.05.2020 19:12

    It should send you an e-mail when I reply to your question but if your reply to the e-mail nothing will happen)